Welcome to Colonial Hardware Inc
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Welcome to Colonial Hardware Inc.

We are a family owned and operated business, offering you the best in service, parts and accessories for most brands of small engine equipment, since 1977. We can handle all of your outdoor power equipment and hardware needs.

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 ECHO Chainsaws Starting @ $199.99 at Colonial Hardware, Inc. in Memphis, TN   Worx SD Semi-Automatic Driver     Crescent LifeTime Warranty Tool Sets      DeWalt Power Equipment at Colonial Hardware, Inc. in Memphis, TN
       ECHO Chainsaw           Worx SD Driver         Crescent Tool Sets      DeWALT Circular Saw 
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              $39.99                    Starting at



 Toro American Hero Program at Colonial Hardware, Inc. in Memphis, TN



                                         HUSQVARNA FLEET PROGRAM  
  Receive up to 20% OFF on select Husqvarna Equipment!

Husqvarna's Fleet Program is designed to provide Commercial Landscaping Customers a volume discount on major purchases of new Husqvarna Commercial Equipment. The program works on a point system; One must have a minimum of six (6) points to qualify.

Click here to view qualifying Husqvarna Fleet Program Equipment!

Husqvarna 20% OFF Fleet Program at Colonial Hardware, Inc. in Memphis, TN            


                        Remodeling your house? Restoring old furniture? Renewing your vehicle? Striping a field?
                                                                          Or just tired of the same old colors?
                  We carry a full line of Valspar Medallion paint and Rust-Oleum paint for every need
                  Can't Find the exact color you're looking for?
           We'll mix it for you!
                              Choose  from a wide selection of 
           Spray Paints!
                        ***NOW AVAILABLE***
                                                                      Cabot Wood Stain at Colonial Hardware, Inc. in Memphis, TN


    Colonial Hardware carries a wide selection of W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co. Case Knives in Memphis, TN
         Colonial Hardware, Inc. is an Official Dealer of Case Knives.
                                  Click here for our Full Assortment of Case Knives and pricing

Ridgeback Hunter Working - Sod Buster Pocket Worn - Sow Belly Amber Bone CV - Large Stockman Blue Bone - Congress Amber Bone SS - Mini Copperlock Pocket Worn Old Red Bone - Mini Trapper Pocket Worn - Small Texas Toothpick Blue Bone - Small Texas Toothpick Yellow CV - Pen Knife Working - Small Pen Pocket Worn - Half Whittler Small Lockback - Mini Blackhorn John Deere - Lockback Pocket Worn - Barlow Working - Small Stockman Blue Bone - Medium Stockman Working - Medium Stockman Yellow CV - Medium Stockman Yellow CV - Peanut Working - Peanut John Deere - Doctor's Knife Pocket Worn - Peanut Working - Medium Jack Amber Bone SS - Mini Trapper Pocket Worn - Mini Trapper Yellow CV - Mini Trapper John Deere - Mini Trapper Genuine Stag - Small Stockman Yellow CV - Trapper Amber Bone SS - Trapper Amber Bone CV - Trapper Working - Equestrian's Knife Pocket Worn - Medium Stockman Amber Bone SS - Stockman Amber Bone CV - Canoe Blue Bone - Congress Working - Medium Stockman Amber Bone SS - Medium Stockman Amber Bone CV - Medium Stockman Working - Sod Buster, Jr Yellow CV - Sod Buster, Jr. Blue Bone - Mini Copperlock Working - Slimline Trapper Yellow CV - Slimline Trapper Large Lockback - Hammerhead